” I don’t want to work as hard as you and dad do. You make a lot of money, and we live in a huge house with lots of toys. If I follow your advice, I’ll wind up like you, working harder and harder only to pay more taxes and wind up in debt. I also know that college graduates today earn less than you did when you graduated… I know I can’t rely on Social Security or company pensions for retirement. I need new answers”.

The #1 personal financial book Rich Dad Poor Dad, aims to break the new answers for the rest of us.
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The Elevator Pitch

Rich dad Poor dad: What rich people teach their children that poor and middle class don’t.
By New York Times, best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki defies education in a lot of ways.

His reason is that schools do not teach the student how to deal with money.

That’s why people today are struggling financially despite years of formal education.

Researches are now more interested in studying the impact of financial studies.

importance of financial education rich dad poor dad review thedreamsleeper
Through all his pursuits Kiyosaki has set out to elevate the financial well-being of humanity
By being clear and true to the dual spiritual and business mission of his book.
This is no easy task.
We do give a lot of lip service to questions like how can I get inspired?
How can I manage many businesses?
When it’s the best time to quit my job?
But what are the right answers for those inquiries?

10 Big Ideas

In reviewing the book I’ve started with the intro, summarizing the ideas, and then my verdict.
So Should You Read It?

The opening and closing sections write themselves while the middle has me outlining the book.

Instead, I’m going to share with you 10 Big Ideas(To do and Not to do).
Why 10? It’s for helping you make a decision on whether the book is worth your time or not.

If it is, the book itself will be much better than my Cliff’s Notes of it.
It also lets me editorialize and pronounce a set number of key takeaways that changed my life. Anyway, let’s give this a try.

Top 5 Tips from Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki

rich dad poor dad review thedreamsleeper robert kiyosaki tip#ToDo

1-Accept that life is the best teacher of all.

After spending 20, less or even more years at schools, we finally said that we are ready to face life. But, with the first issue we experience, we realize that the learning journey never finished.
The hard thing is, we do not accept that life should be taken as calls. Sometimes we succeed to respond, in others, we fail, but what is more important is what we learn.

2-Open up your brain to absorb new ideas.

Before even to start raising money, there is one thing that you should focus on, which is  how to change your mind.
Nothing is deserving to spend our time on it, like improving our mindset to the positive side.

Reading books, attending classes and meeting people, all those things help us to open our minds to new thoughts and ideas.

3-Push yourself through the fear.

Winning means being unafraid to Lose. Fran Tarkenten

The fear is the first feeling that stops us from taking the first step toward success.
I understand how hard is it, but as soon as we realize that without accepting failer as a part of any winning, we can’t move forward.

4-Be focused not diversified.

Willing to succeed in different fields is not hard but working on them in one time is the hardest task for you.
F.O.C.U.S. This stands for “Follow One Course Until Successful.” When we start for example investing in any project, we have to stay with it and keep repeating it until we have figured out what works and what does not.

5-Give to receive.

Are you surprised by the title?

Quite weird to believe that if you give something, the same thing will back to you.
But to be sure if this equation is working we only need to try it.
Remember that it doesn’t need to give more than you afford, it’s only about the gesture you do for others. As we all know, your world is only a mirror of you!

Top 5 Decisions To Avoid from Rich dad Poor dad By Robert Kiyosaki

rich dad poor dad book review kiyosaki tip thedreamsleeper#NotToDo

1- Work to earn.

The first thing we ask before any recruitment is the salary.
But, asking about what are we going to learn in this job is the right question.
The reason for this idea is: if we do not set money as our mean goal, we will be able to see and discover other opportunities.

2- Take advice from losers.

We all have the kind of friend who advises us each time we need help.
If we took a few minutes to think of this friend if he is a successful person on that specific thing our answer would be No.
I am not saying to break any relation with our friends or family members that won’t be able to support us. But at least win a winning friend instead of keeping all the losers beside you!

3- Let fear or the opinions of others dictate your actions.

None of the families want their children to fail. That’s why we hear their encouraging words to motivate us.
With all that support, we become pressed, we are obliged to be the first, to earn the highest salary, and to choose the right business to create.
Thus, that support turns into an obstruction for trying anything new. Because of the fear of others opinions about us after any wrong step.

4- Say it’s too late!

Older, poor, or uneducated enough! Which one of those excuses have you ever used to stop your self from moving forward?
As long as we are breathing, it’s never too late to build the goals we dream of.
Each day, you will get new opportunities.
Even if today you failed to see them, tomorrow another chance will come again.
Be ready!

5- Quit your job!

With the enthusiasm that we gain after the first success, the majority decided to quit their jobs.
For Kiyosaki, it’s not the correct move at all. We need to establish this success and build a work routine that will at least revert us the same salary, to not face any financial problems.

So, Should You Read It?

Are you dreaming of becoming Rich but not sure how?
Are you willing to learn how to keep your money?
If your answer to any of these was ‘yes,’ then Rich Dad Poor Dad belongs to your reading list.rich dad poor dad book review worksheet- reading planner thedreamsleeper


A word of warning
: Don’t dive into this expecting a light read that you can flip through.
Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book of big ideas that merit careful consideration and thought.
Blowing through the book won’t result in optimal impact for you or your career.

Again, this is not a step by step handbook.
Rather, Rich Dad Poor Dad is an advanced recipe book for building a strong financial mindset.

In short, if you are ready to track your money, check out Rich Dad Poor Dad Book.

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If you have a chance to meet Robert Kiyosaki, what the one question you are going to ask him?

My question:
Which advice included in the book you think it’s no more helpful in 2019?

Ask Your Question in the comment below!

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