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Regardless of where you’re at on your reading journey today, we’re a passionate community that can’t wait to help.

You’re here because you’re:
* Looking for a book review. You’ve wanted to read books cover to cover but No time for that.
* Trying to reignite your passion for reading.
* You have a kid and want to find out how to read for your children?
* You want to improve your reading skill and feel better about yourself.

Or maybe you’re here because you’re hoping to stick on a daily reading routine as I do. And, this is one of the reasons which lead me to create theDreamSleeper blog.
By the way, did you like the name of the blog? Are you wondering how did I pick the right blog name? Ask me here!

Whatever reason you have for being here, welcome!

It’s been a long time since I started working on my reading habit, but to be honest, I never achieved the result I wanted.
No time, books are expensive, my mind needs a break or it doesn’t make the top of my priority list.

Those were my top reasons why I wasn’t reading books.

News reports have explored barriers to voluntary reading among college students.
Take a look to this chart if it includes the excuse stops you from reading.

reading books


The Book Review Blog Journey!

I made every mistake known to create a new habit and got zero results. It wasn’t until I started my professional work and learned the right way to read that I started to see positive changes.
So, I figured if I needed years of mistakes to find the habit success, there had to be thousands who are struggling to see positive changes in their life through books.

On top of that, If hundreds of books pages had intimidated me, a complete newbie in the English language,  and overwhelmed by too much conflicting and confusing information, there had to be others who were paralyzed by the same thoughts… and I wanted to help.

I’m a web developer, I love reading… so why not combine the two and turn life into one giant learning platform?
And thus, in the winter of 2018, was born!

If you have the passion for reading and want to learn from other’s experiences, this blog is for you.
I usually publish one to two times per week and always seek to serve my readers.
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Starting RIGHT NOW, you’re going to find out how tiny little changes, will help you live the life you deserve.
Sure, I’ll cover how to read a book faster, how to choose the right books, book summaries and subjects like that.

We are going to dive deep into fixing our mindset toward reading, build habits with one book at a time.

Still reading? Want to know more about my reading philosophy?


We don’t like searching because it takes time. If the idea of searching for a certain subject in tens of books for three hours sounds miserable, then don’t do it! Send me an email, and I’ll do that for you!


According to research, writing increase our memory in a great way, so why not to write what we read?
I’m a huge fan of morning journal ( it helps you start your day in a good mood, let me know if you want me to show you how I journal).

I’ve seen it work not only for myself but for others. That’s why I decided to keep a reading journal that includes a book sheet for each book I read.

I understand that you may not have time to create your own book sheets to examine your memory. That’s why I am here!
For each book review you read, you will get a special book sheet, print it, write down the ideas you liked, keep it with you and use it whenever you need it.

Morning journal thedreamsleeper

Now, more important than research and writing when it comes to reading books is your mental attitude.

Gandalf said it best: “all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

reading booksEverybody can make excuses why he is not a good reader even if he wants to be. It’s the successful ones who shut their mouths, bring the book, and say Leaders are Readers!

We all have lives, jobs, families, pets, friends, and more that can keep us from reading. Rather than use those concepts as excuses, why not find a way to incorporate your new habit into your daily life?

Join the reader’s community!

reading books thedreamsleeper
The time for excuses is over, I need you to get in the board!

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Remember, Life is a Dream. Design it Through Books.

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